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Getty Equine Nutrition LLC is proud to provide you with CBD from two highly respected companies: CBDistillery, a subdivision of Balanced Health Botanicals LLC. for you and our pets. For horses, MedVet Pharmaceuticals is trusted for their purity and integrity. 

Dr. Juliet M. Getty, internationally recognized nutritionist for people, horses, and pets, is a dependable source of advice. With such a vast number of CBD products available in the marketplace, it is helpful to reach out to someone whom you trust. 

CBD products from CBDistillery, and MedVet Pharmaceuticals are lab tested for purity, derived from non-GMO industrial hemp, and grown in the USA under natural farming practices.

Browse around - learn all you can. And feel confident purchasing your CBD products here. 

Why Choose These Products?

CBDistillery and MedVet Pharmaceuticals are highly regarding as a leaders in the industry. It's no wonder they have thousands of 5-star reviews. Their production facilities are all GMP-certified and they have 3rd party lab tests for all their products. The products offered to you are not gimicky or high-priced. Each product is clearly labeled with the per-serving dosage and you are provided with a certificate of analysis to ensure its purity and potency. They are of derived from high quality, non-GMO, US grown, industrial hemp. 

Some critical factors to be aware of  when choosing a CBD Product:

** Make sure you know exactly how many milligrams(mg) are in each 1 ml dropper or serving. Read the label.

** Some CBD products tell you how many mg are in the entire bottle. This is very misleading. Divide that amount by 30 if it is 30 ml bottle, go get the amount per serving. 

**  If is best to start with a smaller dosage, once or twice daily, for 10 to 14 days, and then adjust it up or down to fit your individual needs. 

** CBD is naturally fat soluble and is retained in the tissues for weeks, unlike water soluble CBD, which leaves the body via the urine after a few hours. However, a daily supply will keep your blood levels consistent. 

** Beware of companies that claim their product dissolves in water.  Water soluble CBD is not naturally occurring. To make it water soluble, it involves “Nano-Emulsion” which has not been proven to be effective. Plus, it involves adding harmful chemical surfactants. 

About Us

Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D.


Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. visits with people, like yourself, about their own health, the health of their pets, as well as their horses. 

With a master's and doctorate in nutrition, she has helped thousands of people over the last 25+ years to lead better lives. Retired from university teaching, she concentrates on using nutrition as the means to help the body heal itself. 

CBD is an exciting nutraceutical that supports overall well-being for you, and for those you care about - both two- and four-legged! 

Quality and integrity are foremost in Dr. Getty's approach.